About Me

My name is Neila Beilke, I am a Chinese Medecine Therapist and Accredited Holistic Practitioner.

During my 5 years of studies in alternative medicine, I have become acquainted with numerous complementary therapy methods.
It is absolutely impressive how many possibilities the nature offers to keep our bodies healthy and in balance.   
However, no other healing therapy has inspired me as much as the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
The Traditional Chinese Medicine is much more than a medical system, it embodies an art of living, in which balance is the most important criteria.
With a history going back thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine is a rich collection of theories and practical techniques that aim to maintain and restore the health.

Get ready for a new way of healing!
I am very pleased to welcome you personally.
Neila Beilke 

TCM Therapist & Holistic Practitioner 

My focus

"The human being in its entirety and its uniqueness"

Holistic Approach: In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we see the body as a whole, where Body-Mind-Emotions are connected. This means we look at the big picture to understand and treat any issues you may have.

Individualized Treatment: Everyone is unique. That's why I take the time to understand your specific needs and create a treatment plan just for you. By looking at your symptoms, examining your tongue and pulse, and considering other factors, I tailor my approach to fit you perfectly.

Natural Medicine and Prevention: I use natural remedies like herbs, acupuncture, and cupping therapy to help your body find its balance. These treatments not only help with current problems but also work to keep you healthy in the long run.


Happy Clients✨ 

La experiencia ha sido fantástica, no soy un gran fan de las agujas, pero Neila es un amor y transmite confianza y amabilidad. 

Tras dos sesiones me siento mucho mejor y ha mitigado el dolor que tenía. Muchísimas gracias Neila!



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