More than Nutrition, 
a Philosophy 

Each food and element has a certain taste and thus a special effect on the human being, it also corresponds to certain organs that can be strengthened and supported. 

The inner balance should be preserved, none of the elements should be over- emphasized or neglected in the long run. Through this diet, diseases can be prevented, inflammations reduced, defenses strengthened and the immune system restored. 

According to nutrition experts, overweight patients, as well as people with disorders such as digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome or skin problems, would benefit from the Five Elements diet as a supportive treatment option.


A matter of taste 

Each of the Five Elements corresponds to certain organs.

For nutrition, this also means five tastes, to each of which an element is assigned:

Wood corresponds to the sour taste

Fire corresponds to the bitter taste

Earth corresponds to the sweet taste

Metal corresponds to the pungent taste

Water corresponds to the salty taste

You are what you eat

Our favorite foods tell us a lot about the deficiencies in our bodies. A sweet tooth, for example, is a sign of weakness in the earth element, which represents the stomach, pancreas and spleen.Through the corresponding nutritional plan, it is possible to treat existing problems by self-regulation, by counteracting the deficient or surplus element with the help of other elements.

Every human being is different

That is why an individually adapted nutrition plan according to the principle of the Five Elements is so important to maintain the balance, which is exactly where my expertise lies. 

By analyzing your elements, I am able to create a customized nutritional plan

Based on this plan, I can give you a guideline on how you can easily integrate your personal recommendations into your everyday life.

In harmony with nature 

Nutritional counseling according to the Five Elements takes into account the fact that the availability of our food is subject to the laws of the four seasons and corresponds to the energetic needs of humans in your respective season and region.

On our latitudes, for example, nature offers us juicy vegetables and a rich selection of fruit in summer. In the warm season, easily digestible foods are important, whose energy goes to the surface and stimulate the circulation of Qi as well as the blood and at the same time neutralises heat.

Positive effects

Weight reduction | No feeling of hunger | No Yoyo effect | Energy is increased | No digestive complaints | A feeling of well-being for body and soul sets in | The immune system is strengthened


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